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BrainPET Reconstruction Algorithms

/!\ This page is only to process PET-MR data acquired using BrainPET (Bay 6) scanner at the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.

For questions/feedback, please contact Meena M. Makary (mmakary@mgh.harvard.edu) and Dr. Catana (ccatana@mgh.harvard.edu) OR preferably use this Teams Channel Positron

Aether-Mirror Version

This version mirrors the attenuation map generation and reconstruction algorithms that were used on Aether. We recommend to use this version only for continuation studies. Scripts are located inside: /autofs/cluster/petcore/PET_computer_backup/brainPET_code/Aether-Mirror. You will have to cd to this folder before running any of the functions below.

PseudoCT mu-map generation

This function generates pseudoCT mu-map using SPM8 atlas-based method (David Izquierdo-Garcia et al.)

(!) For full instructions type: perl brainPET_pCT_AeMir.pl -h

  • For DICOM input:

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