CUDA Developers Guide

This is the root of the CUDA developing documentation. Everything should go underneath here. For instance if one wants to add a CUDATesting page, it should go in and a link to that page should be pointed from here.

Enabling CUDA in the Build Environment

CUDAEnabling page gives one an idea of what tweaks have been done in the build environment and what tweaks one should make to add their CUDA enabled binary to the build environment

Running within recon-all

The convention for running CUDA-enabled executables within recon-all is the following. Firstly, it was decided that rather than create a single executable with a --use-cuda switch, instead, a seperate executable with the post-fix _cuda is to be create, ie. mri_em_register and mri_em_register_cuda. The recon-all script will itself accept a -use-cuda switch, which will then run the cuda-enabled executable over the default (ie mri_em_register_cuda instead of mri_em_register).

Refer to the in the source dir dev/mri_em_register for an example of building a _cuda executable. The cuda-enabled executables in-the-works include:

HPC w/ CUDA Tutorials

NVidia's HPC w/ CUDA Tutorials