Freesurfer install on Ubuntu 18 running in WSL

The terminal session below shows how to download, install and setup the freesurfer and X-windows environment using a terminal window launched from Ubuntu 18 running in WSL under Windows 10. The free version of Ubuntu 18 was selected from the Windows store.

After Ubuntu 18 was installed via the MS WSl instructions, MS Dcoumentation for WSL version 2 setup and install then subsequently the repos were updated on Ubuntu 18, the freesurfer installer was downloaded/installed and the shell environment was setup to run X graphics and freesurfer.

The freesurfer. *.deb package should also work on Ubuntu 20, but as of this writing it has not been tested on newer versions of Ubuntu linux. We do not advise manually trying to install packages in order to get freesurfer to run. Please allow the installer to try and determine what packages are needed on the system and install them.