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 * [http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/fs/surfacefileformats.htm FreeSurfer Surface File Formats]  * [http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/fs/surfacefileformats.htm FreeSurfer Surface File Formats] FreeSurfer formats for the surfaces themselves, and also for vertex-wise data.
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 * See also: [http://airto.bmap.ucla.edu/BMCweb/HowTo/FileFormats.html Image file formats] [[BR]]  * See also: [http://airto.bmap.ucla.edu/BMCweb/HowTo/FileFormats.html MRI Image file formats (volume or slices)] [[BR]]

[wiki:FreeSurferWiki top]

FreeSurfer File Formats

FreeSurfer creates its own file formats for storing and manipulating volumetric, surface and transform data, including mgh, mgz, gca, bshort, bfloat, COR, surface, curv, w, annot, patch, gcs, dat, xfm, m3d and lta. These FreeSurfer native formats are summarized below, along with some closely-related external image formats.

1.0 FreeSurfer Native Formats

1.1 Volume BR

1.2 Surface BR

1.3 Transform BR

  • dat
  • xfm
  • m3d
  • lta

2.0 External Formats

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