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Internal users (at the Martinos Center) [wiki:Self:InternalFreeSurferDistributions should follow these instructions.] = FreeSurfer Distribution (internal) =
Internal users (at the MartinosCenter) should use the [wiki:Self:InternalFreeSurferDistributions InternalFreeSurferDistributions].

[wiki:FreeSurferWiki top] | [wiki:FreeSurferWiki previous] | [wiki:SystemRequirements next]

FreeSurfer Distribution

External users should follow the following four steps to download and install FreeSurfer on their machines.

  1. SystemRequirements

  2. ["Registration"]
  3. ["Download"]
  4. ["Installation"]
  5. SetupConfiguration

FreeSurfer Distribution (internal)

Internal users (at the MartinosCenter) should use the [wiki:InternalFreeSurferDistributions InternalFreeSurferDistributions].

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