Structure 3D Scanner Wiki

Getting Started


This is the software needed to stream and process the images captured by the Structure 3D Scanner (via iPad). You can download Skanect on your Mac laptop from this website: Skanect.

  1. Under the $0 column, click on the "Windows 64-bit" link
  2. Follow downloading instructions
  3. Log on to Skanect using the email and ask Allison, Leah, or Dev for password if you don’t have it

Open the Skanect application and it should look like this:


Structure by Occipital:

This is both the (attached) camera and the application on the iPad that captures images and streams them to Skanect on your laptop.


Streaming from Structure Scanner (iPad) to Skanect

In order to stream, you must first set up an Ad Hoc connection between the iPad and your computer. You must set this up each time before you scan!

Part 1: On your laptop/Mac

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open Network
  3. Select "Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar"
  4. Click on "Advanced"
    1. Select "Create computer-to-computer networks"
    2. Select "OK"
    3. Press "Apply"
    4. Close System Preferences
  5. Click on Wi-Fi symbol at the top right hand corner of your desktop
  6. Select option Create Network
  7. Enter a new name, for example "UplinkNetwork"

  8. Make sure the Status is On
  9. Open up Skanect application

Part 2: On the iPad

  1. Tap on the Settings icon in your iPad main menu
  2. Click on Wi-Fi
  3. Your ad hoc network "UplinkNetwork" should appear in the list.

  4. Click on your network.
  5. Select "Join Anyway"
  6. Making sure that the Skanect application is open on your laptop, open up Structure and you should now see the streaming option "Uplink" appear:


Scroll down so that you are on the "Uplink" tab, it should display whatever you're pointing the iPad at (in this case, the iPad was face down, so the screen is black)


Now, go over to Skanect on your laptop and it should look like this.


You are now ready to scan! On the iPad you can click the red button that says "Take me There" which will swipe your Skanect screen to the "Record" tab.

Setting up your Scan