Functional and anatomical data sets for the subject “Bert” are available for download at:

Functional Data

Select the functional data set named bert–functional.

These data will be in a compressed file called: bert.func.tar.gz To unpack these data, go to the directory where you will want the functional data to be stored. This directory will be called the Session Parent. Once, there, run the following:

tar xvfz <fsdist>/bert.func.tar.gz

This will create a directory called bert-functional, which will have four subdirectories.

Anatomical Data

Select the anatomical data set named bert–anatomical (reconstructed). These data will also be in a compressed file, called: bert.recon.tar.gz, and must be similarly unpacked, but into a directory other than your Session Parent. This compressed file will unpack into several subdirectories. The “Interfacing With FreeSurfer” section provides further details.

You will notice that Bert’s anatomical data are available in two formats: raw and reconstructed. Since you need to overlay the functional data on your subject’s reconstructed surfaces in subsequent FsFast steps, you should download the reconstructed data set, which already has all the volumes and surfaces you will need. The raw anatomical data are intended for use with the FreeSurferTutorial, a guide to cortical reconstruction of raw MR data.

IMPORTANT: Since cortical reconstruction does require several hours, always arrange to have your subjects’ anatomical data sets reconstructed in advance of FsFast processing so that they will be ready for functional overlay.