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 * [http://www.mayo.edu/bir/PDF/ANALYZE75.pdf Analyze 7.5 File Format]
 * [http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/analyze/ Mayo/SPM "Analyze" MRI Format]
 * [http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/analyze/formatdoc.htm Mayo/SPM "Analyze" Format Spec Compilation]
 * [[http://www.mayo.edu/bir/PDF/ANALYZE75.pdf|Analyze 7.5 File Format]]
 * [[http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/analyze/|Mayo/SPM "Analyze" MRI Format]]
 * [[http://wideman-one.com/gw/brain/analyze/formatdoc.htm|Mayo/SPM "Analyze" Format Spec Compilation]]

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The Analyze Image Format

The Analyze format was developed some years ago to support the program of the same name written by the folks at the Mayo clinic. The data can be saved as signed short integers (most typical) or floating point numbers. Analyze includes both 3D and 4D file formats.

For detailed information about Analyze, read these links:

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