Below is a picture of how the long for MR1 looked originally: Sample Slice 92 in brain.finalsurfs.mgz, coordinates:


And here it is zoomed in:

After edits to the cross and base have been done for each timepoint, the following commands should be run to create new long data sets:

recon-all -all -long OAS2_0002_MR1 OAS2_0002

recon-all -all -long OAS2_0002_MR2 OAS2_0002

The results of re-running appear as follows:

tkmedit OAS2_0002_MR1.long.OAS2_0002_fixed brainmask.mgz -aux brain.finalsurfs.mgz -surfs
tkmedit OAS2_0002_MR2.long.OAS2_0002_fixed brainmask.mgz -aux brain.finalsurfs.mgz -surfs 

The following shows pictures of sample slice 92 from OAS2_0002_MR1.long.OAS2_0002_fixed in the brain.finalsurfs.mgz volume at coordinates: