If you currently have a wiki account but forgot your password, please email fswiki-help <fswiki DASH help AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu> for a password reset. Be sure to include your wiki username in the email.

To get write access to FreeSurferWiki you need to email fswiki-help <fswiki DASH help AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu> and request an account. Admins: this is the page with instructions. We will create one for you and you will receive confirmation that you have been added to the Wiki users list. You can then login by clicking 'Login' at the top left of any wiki page. Go to 'Settings' after you login (also at the top left of any wiki page) to change your password.

NOTE: Always login and edit pages using the https url (not http), as the https url bypasses the page accelerator that is running (which doesnt play nicely with logins and edits).


Please feel free to email fswiki-help <fswiki DASH help AT nmr DOT mgh DOT harvard DOT edu> if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.

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