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Welcome to the lab! Once you officially start, you will gain access to many more resources about training, computational infrastructure, and MGH benefits. Below is some information you might be looking for before you start. If there is anything you think would be helpful to have on this page that is not here, let us know!

The Office

Our address

We are now located on the 10th floor but the Admin office where mail goes is 2301. Our full mailing address is:
Massachusetts General Hospital
Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Bldg. 149, 13th Street, CNY 2301
Charlestown, MA 02129

Directions to our location

You can find directions to our location here:

Learning the Basics

If you would like to learn about MRI, FreeSurfer, or neuroanatomy before you join the lab, below are some good resources.

MRI Information

Dictionary of terms:

Intro to MRI:

Helpful Website for Intro to MRI Physics:

Martinos Center documentation for Siemens scanners: (Allison had this transferred elsewhere; she needs to find it and link it here)

Neuroanatomy Information

Unix & Scripting Tutorials

If you are unfamiliar with the UNIX operating system, there are many online tutorials. Here are a few:


Documentation for FreeSurfer is on the wiki:

This page documents how to teach yourself FreeSurfer by conducting your own online course:

Why & How Schedule

A lecture series that teaches the basics of a wide variety of topics:

MGH-related Living & Commuting

Moving to Boston

Lots of useful tips and info here:

Temporary Housing

Most require a minimum 30 day stay and provide furnished housing.

National Corporate Housing
The West End Apartments
(Formerly Equity Corp. Housing)
(617) 948-9876
5 Longfellow Pl, Ste. 102 Boston MA
Adjacent to MGH campus

Furnished Quarters
(617) 236-4908
221 Mass. Avenue, Boston, MA

Oakwood Temporary Housing
(617) 723-8050
1 India Street, 2nd floor, Boston, MA
Ask for Maryellen Daly or Deidre Fistori

Interim Housing Solutions
(866) 279-4471
National program matches individuals with furnished, short-term apartment rental.

Savin Hill area has some nice temporary housing. Contact Mary Lynch at

Don't know anyone who has used this site but Louis came across it:



MGH Commuter Services Their website 617-724-6588

Discount T pass

For rates, see this website.

You can sign up for a discounted T pass through your Peoplesoft account. After signing in, click on HRMS production, Self Service, Payroll and Compensation, then MBTA Pass Enrollment. You must sign up on or before the second Thursday of the month PRIOR to use (ex. sign up June 10th for a July pass). The Martinos Admin Office should have your pass a few days before the 1st of the month. If you sign up after the 2nd Thursday of the month, or the Martinos Admin Office does not have your pass, you must get it from the Commuter Services office on the main campus (232 Wang).

Paychecks are deducted on the third paycheck of the month.

If you initially get a discounted T pass from MGH, but later decide that you want to drive to work everyday and park in the CNY199 Parking Garage, you will have to give up your discounted pass. (You cannot sign up for monthly parking at the parking office in the garage until you have canceled your T pass in PeopleSoft.) MGH subsidizes the T pass on the basis that that is how you get to work everyday. If you sign up for monthly parking at the garage, they know you are no longer using the T to get to work, so you cannot keep the discounted pass. Unfortunately you cannot just add money at a T ticket kiosk to your existing CharlieCard that you got from MGH. The MGH Parking and Commuter Services office said this is because our cards are special corporate cards that are encrypted, so you can't add your own money to it. Allison M. went to the MBTA ticket office at North Station in March 2015 and they confirmed this. You must simply get a new CharlieCard. (You do not have to give them your old MGH card, and Carol didn't say that we had to hand them back into her either.)

Benefits for Non-drivers

Guaranteed Ride Home: If you take the bus, subway, commuter rail, carpool, vanpool, bike or walk to work, you can receive a free ride home in the event of an emergency or unscheduled overtime. Now you can ease your fears of being stuck at work because of something that may happen once or twice a year. MGH Parking and Commuter Services pays all transportation costs, including tolls and gratuity the program is completely free for you! Register now to get your voucher number for PlanetTran, the Nation's first environmentally friendly livery service. Visit ABCTMA.COM to learn more.

Ridematching: Ever wonder if you may have a neighbor or co-worker whom you could share a ride into work with once or twice a week? You can use our on-line ridematching system to find out if others who live and work near you are interested in sharing a ride in a carpool or vanpool.

Cycling and Walking Rewards: Our “Workout to Work” program provides employees who bike or walk to work. Each month when you submit your miles, biked or walked, to a transportation organization called A Better City Transportation Management Association (ABC TMA), you will be rewarded with free safety equipment and chances to win other prizes.

Vanpool Subsidy: You can receive $220 over six months from the ABC TMA for joining a vanpool. A vanpool of 9-15 riders is the most affordable way to commute to work from New Hampshire, Central/Western Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Carpool Subsidy: You can receive $210 over six-months when you join an existing carpool or form a new carpool. By covering up to $35 in fuel for six months this program helps reduce your costs of commuting to work.

Express Yourself: If you drive alone you can receive up to $100 per month for three months to purchase an MBTA Express Bus, Private Bus, or MBTA Commuter Boat pass. This can cut the monthly cost of your commute by almost 50%.


Bicycle Parking

As of the end of October, 2014, there is a bicycle cage with ID access inside the garage across from Building 149. You must go to the garage office (hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM-4PM) and fill out a form with your bike make, model and serial number to get a decal for your bike and to get access to the cage. There is a one time $10 fee. Unless you have a decal, MGH security has the right to remove your bike without notice. The bicycle racks in front of the building are supposed to be reserved for visitors.

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