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Multimodal Integration

The purpose of these tutorials is to get you acquainted with the concepts needed to perform multimodal integration in FreeSurfer by interacting with fMRI data. You will not learn how to perform fMRI analysis here; that knowledge is already assumed. This tutorial also does not assume any particular directory structure (as would happen in FS-FAST). This tutorial makes use of fMRI data from the Functional Biomedical Informatics Research Network (fBIRN,

For Part 1 of the MultiModal tutorial, please complete the section on multimodal registration:

Multimodal Registration
(slides, video)

For Part 2 of the MultiModal tutorial, please complete the sections on fMRI integration and group analysis:
*Remember: we are using fMRI data as an example here but you would follow the same steps for PET data, diffusion data, etc.

Individual fMRI Integration
Surface-based Group fMRI Analysis
(slides, video)

Multimodal integration can also be done using DTI data. This is demonstrated in the Diffusion tutorial:
(If you are taking these tutorials as part of an organized course, you will do this tutorial at a different time.)

Diffusion and DTI Integration
(slides, video)