Responses published:

Figures for the response to the Makris et al. article in Neuron 2008, volume 60 issue 1 pp.174 - 188

rh.Figure7.with_surfaces.with_arrows.png      lh.Figure7.with_surfaces.with_arrows.png

   Figure 1. Comparison of current automated FreeSurfer results (green surfaces) to those in Makris et al (blue surfaces) in Figure 7.

PGP_ABY83.png PGP_AMY65.png PGP_BJY80.png PGP_BMY84.png PGP_BWY80.png PGP_CCY66.png PGP_CCY69.png PGP_CSY62.png PGP_DHY68.png PGP_DYY83.png PGP_JAY70.png PGP_JCY80.png PGP_JCY84.png PGP_JMY60.png PGP_JPY83.png PGP_KBY81.png PGP_LCY66.png PGP_MHY59.png PGP_MMY54.png PGP_MMY79.png PGP_MOY83.png PGP_PHY65.png PGP_RBY82.png PGP_SBY81.png PGP_VGY71.png PGP_VRY61.png

   Figure 2. The 26 subjects from the supplemental data section reprocessed with no manual intervention
             and no selection of the slice (the central slice in each dataset)