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{{{Figure 1. Comparison of our results to those in Makris et al. Left: skull-stripped intensity image with no surfaces. Right: comparison of current FreeSurfer automated surface (green) with those shown by Makris (blue) et al. in Figure 7}}}

Figures for the response to the Makris et al. article in Neuron 2007 /homes/4/fischl/papers/neuron.response_to_makris/cor_162_no_surfaces.tif /homes/4/fischl/papers/neuron.response_to_makris/cor_162_with_surfaces.tif Figure 1. Comparison of our results to those in Makris et al.  Left: skull-stripped intensity image with no surfaces. Right: comparison of current FreeSurfer automated surface (green) with those shown by Makris (blue) et al. in Figure 7

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