This describes how to configure the laptops and the router for the NMR fMRI Course (aka Visiting Research Fellowship Program VRFP), aka "The Savoy Course"). This is similar to but distinct from the Multimodal Course. In the VRFP, the students design an fMRI experiment, collect data, analyze the data, and visualize it

Configure Router

Netgear Wireless Router. SSID: MultiModal. WEP Key1: 3dcc080f78. MAC 001B2FE32A8A. In Conf B, plugged into V-1A 26D-1W. Configured for IP address by mapping of its MAC addr.

In order to ssh into a laptop from the outside of the router, the router will have to be configured to port forward port 22 (ssh) to one of the laptops.

  1. plugin and turn on the router

  2. bring up a laptop (might work better if windows).
  3. connect to the router and bring up the router config web page by pointing the browser to User name admin, pwd similar to nmrclass'

  4. verify the router got a valid IP address on the WAN site

  5. email that WAN IP to the IT group

  6. figure out what IP address the laptop has

  7. setup forwarding of port 22 on the router to the laptop. Advanced->PortForwarding, Select Service, then hit "Edit Service", and change to laptop IP.

  8. boot the laptop into Linux

Net Group

The WAN-side IP needs to be added to the netgroup map in order to mount the nfs disks.

If the IP address for the router does not change, and no one in the IT group comments out 'savoy-router' from /etc/hosts, it actually will just work next time then without having to contact the IT group, but they should be emailed nonetheless.

Configure Laptops

When they are first set up (or if you reboot a laptop), you will have to login as root and run:

  service ypbind start
  service autofs restart
  echo 'search' >> /etc/resolv.conf

There is a one-time setup that needs to be done:

ln -s /autofs/links/4/space /space
ln -s /autofs/links/4/homes /homes
ln -s /autofs/links/4/cmas /cmas
ln -s /space/lyon/9/pubsw/Linux2-2.3-x86_64 /usr/pubsw
ln -s /space/freesurfer/centos5_x86_64 /usr/local/freesurfer
ln -s /usr/pubsw/packages/java /usr/java

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