Some initial notes from lessons learned during FreeSurfer course in São Paulo, Brazil 11 & 12 March, 2009

This is a work in progress. I expect to remove the "Work in progress" until March, 23th



Ideal configuration 19" LCD Monitor Core2Duo or AMD X2 2GB RAM 10/100/1000 Lan or 802.11g/n Wifi

Min configuration 15" LCD Monitor (if you can provide 17" at least it would be better) Pentium D or superior 1GB RAM 10/100 Lan or 802.11g Wifi

Laptop notes Laptops can be handy if you have limited space, however it's advisible to provide a proper mouse and to check the video board of the Notebook. Intel Video boards sometimes can create trouble.

Virtual Machine * All FreeSurfer GUI tools runs fine in VirtualBox. If people want to try it in its own computers probably it's a good idea to give them a DVD with a VDI image that runs inside Windows.

* If there is interest I can provide a VDI distribution.

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