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[[{{attachment:PALS-B12-raw-text.txt}}|Here is that raw output]]. ##[[{{attachment:PALS-B12-raw-text.txt}}|Here is that raw output]].
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[[{{attachment:PALS-B12-labeltable.txt}}|Here is that label table]]. Note that all ROIs are in this one table. ##[[{{attachment:PALS-B12-labeltable.txt}}|Here is that label table]]. Note that all ROIs are in this one table.

PALS-B12 based ROIs on fsaverage

A number of ROIs created by the Van Essen Lab using the PALS-B12 atlas of human cerebral cortex have been mapped to FreeSurfer's fsaverage subject included with v5.0.0, taking the form of FreeSurfer annotation files. One or more of these ROIs can be mapped to a subject (using mri_annotation2label and mri_label2label, then mri_anatomical_stats to get stats).

The ROI .annot files are found in the fsaverage/label directory.

Provenance and reference information originating from Caret about the ROIs can be viewed by:

mris_info lh.PALS_B12.labels.gii

The label table for these .annot files can be extracted by:

mris_info lh.PALS_B12_Brodmann.annot

The ROIs are displayed below on the fsaverage inflated surface:


lh.palsbrodmannlat.jpg lh.palsbrodmannmed.jpg


lh.palslobeslat.jpg lh.palslobesmed.jpg





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