PALS-B12 ROIs on fsaverage

A number of ROIs created by the Van Essen lab using the PALS-B12 atlas of human cerebral cortex have been mapped to FreeSurfer's fsaverage subject, taking the form of FreeSurfer annotation files. One or more of these ROIs can be mapped to a subject (using mri_annotation2label and mri_label2label, then mri_anatomical_stats to get stats).

Provenance and reference information about the ROIs can be viewed by:

mris_info lh.PALS_B12.labels.gii

The ROI .annot files are found in the fsaverage/label directory, and are displayed below on the fsaverage inflated surface:


lh.palsbrodmannlat.jpg lh.palsbrodmannmed.jpg


lh.palslobeslat.jpg lh.palslobesmed.jpg