FreeSurfer and LCN Python Development

To facilitate straightforward and reproducible python development in the lab, a local conda distribution for internal developers is installed at /autofs/cluster/freesurfer/python/linux. To use this version, make sure all calls to python or python3 point to this install by adding the following to your PATH:

export PATH=/autofs/cluster/freesurfer/python/linux/bin:$PATH

Keep in mind there's also a python3 link in /usr/pubsw/bin, so it's important that /autofs/cluster/freesurfer/python/linux/bin comes before that in your PATH. If you want a python package installed into this distribution, email Andrew.

NOTE: This "lab" conda install is meant for quick access to python utilities. If you're a frequent python developer who uses multiple package versions or environments, please install your own local conda distribution. It will give you full access and control of the installed packages.