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Please post a cover letter and resume in response to either of these job positions on http://www.massgeneral.org/careers/viewall.aspx:
<<BR>>Research Tech I, 2252648
<<BR>>Research Tech II, 2252649
Please post a cover letter and resume in response to this job position on http://www.massgeneral.org/careers/viewall.aspx:
<<BR>>Research Technologist, 2252647

Neuroimaging Lab Seeks Research Technologist

Position involves working in a fast-paced Computational Neuroimaging Lab. The lab develops and maintains software for MR image analysis and works primarily in a UNIX environment.
The lab is responsible for several in vivo and ex vivo (human) MRI projects.


We are seeking a full-time Research Technologist (RT) to take on several job responsibilities from a list of potential projects (below).
Candidates who have the skills and interest to take on several of the responsibilities are stronger candidates.
However, experience in all categories below is not expected. We will select the candidate who is the best fit for our current needs.

The major responsibilities we are looking for a Research Assistant to take on are:

  1. High resolution, experimental ex vivo scanning on 1.5T, 3T, 4.7T, and 7T MRI scanners
    • Scanning will be taught but experience with MRI scanners is a plus.
    • Candidate must:
      • be willing to handle brain tissue and formaldehyde
      • learn many complicated, technical details over a short period of time; follow procedures carefully
      • be willing to work evenings and weekends to perform some of the experiments, including being on call during designated weekends to respond to technical problem
      • have a sound degree of computer literacy (for scanning and data processing)
      • knowledge of UNIX and shell scripting is a plus (for data processing)
  2. Process and quality check (then fix) in vivo MRI data using the FreeSurfer software package

    • Candidate must:
      • have a sound degree of computer literacy
      • knowledge of UNIX and shell scripting is a plus
      • knowledge of fMRI & diffusion analysis is a plus

  3. Debug and test specific elements of FreeSurfer

    • Candidate must:
      • have a sound degree of computer literacy and some experience beta testing software
      • knowledge of C++ or any other code and shell scripting is a plus
  4. Tissue processing
    • General wet lab knowledge is required for this project
    • We conduct histological experiments on exvivo human brain tissue which involves:
      • sectioning
      • tissue/slide mounting
      • staining using histochemical and immunocytochemical techniques
      • acquisition and intake of brain specimens
      • maintaining laboratory solutions, supplies, and equipment in a biological lab

Other potential projects (and their qualifications):

  1. There are many opportunities to write/work with scripts or code & analyze large datasets of different subject populations and pathology

  2. Scanning in vivo subjects
    • Scanning will be taught but experience with MRI scanners is a plus.
    • Candidate must:
      • have good interpersonal and communication skills
      • be able to demonstrate professionalism and respect for subjects rights and individual needs
  3. Manually labeling the anatomy on in vivo and/or ex vivo MRI scans
    • Knowledge of neuroanatomy is preferred
    • Candidate must:
      • be able to stay motivated during tedious/repetitive tasks
      • have an interest in pediatric anatomy
      • be detail-oriented, focused, and organized
      • be comfortable juggling tasks
      • have a sound degree of computer literacy

General Qualifications:

The Research Technologist works closely with Investigators, study staff and the Institutional review Board (IRB) to implement and oversee studies and submit appropriate regulatory forms. The RT analyzes and evaluates study data as well as documents, compiles and maintains research data, regulatory binders and study databases. The Technologist also performs data analysis and QA/QC data checks. Moreover, the RT position also helps produce reports, scholarly clinical research abstracts, posters, and manuscripts for publication. The RT also supervises student interns.

The position requires high level technical and analytical skills, the ability to manage data software systems, strong research and writing skills, and the ability to work independently.

The candidate should:

  • have great attention to detail: take action to prevent mistakes, keep records accurate and up to date
  • independently improve the quality & efficiency of own work

  • able to generate creative ideas to solve problems and improve work methods; rethink situations to create new opportunities or overcome obstacles
  • able to demonstrate good judgement in routine decisions; make reasonably quick decisions when necessary
  • able to persuade and enlist others' support in accomplishing objectives
  • know when to bring an issue, problem, or decision to another team member
  • anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to deal with them
  • maintain high productivity in stressful situations; maintain high performance in the face of setbacks
  • challenge proposed actions in a way that facilitates constructive discussion
  • be a responsible individual with a flexible schedule
  • have a Bachelor's Degree with at least 1 year of related research experience. Relevant backgrounds would be Neuroscience, Biology or Biomedical Engineering.

    Please see each individual project above for qualifications specific to that project.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Time Commitment:

A commitment to the position for at least 2 years is not required but preferred.

About Us:

Position offers great opportunities to work with prominent scientists, people from a variety of fields, a famous Research Center, a great and fun team, opportunities to publish, as well as guidance and support for future career choices.

You will be working at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), affiliated with both Harvard Medical School and MIT. It is one of the premier brain imaging centers in the world, and the FreeSurfer software package is used in research centers worldwide. MGH offers an extensive benefits package to its employees, and the Charlestown Navy Yard location provides a unique and enjoyable work environment.


Please post a cover letter and resume in response to this job position on http://www.massgeneral.org/careers/viewall.aspx:
Research Technologist, 2252647

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