The Main Window


The scuba window has a menu bar at the top, a row of toolbar buttons, the main view on the left, the control panels on the right, an information area below the main window, and a status bar at the bottom.

Most control panels allow you to configure settings for an item, such as a layer, view, tool, or data collection. The items you can configure are listed in a pull-down menu at the top of the panel; for example, in the Layers panel, the pull-down menu contains a list of Layers. Make sure you select the item you wish to configure properly.

The toolbar contains buttons for selecting a tool, for setting the view configuration or number of views in the window, and buttons for setting the orientation of the current view.

Toolbar Buttons

attachment:icon_navigate.gif attachment:icon_rotate_plane.gif attachment:icon_marker_crosshair.gif attachment:icon_edit_volume.gif attachment:icon_fill_volume.gif attachment:icon_edit_label.gif attachment:icon_fill_roi.gif attachment:icon_line_tool.gif attachment:icon_draw_line.gif attachment:icon_view_single.gif attachment:icon_view_multiple.gif attachment:icon_view_31.gif attachment:icon_orientation_x.gif attachment:icon_orientation_y.gif attachment:icon_orientation_z.gif attachment:icon_label_list.gif attachment:icon_label_table.gif attachment:icon_zoom_out.gif attachment:icon_zoom_in.gif