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Working with Data

Scuba allows you to load and visualize many different kinds of data. This section explains what configuration options are available with different types, and what operations you can perform on them.


  1. ScubaAnatomicalVolumes

    • This section describes options available to all volumes, the anatomical volume being the most basic.
  2. ScubaVolumeROIs

    • How to load and edit volumetric ROIs, and how to save and load them as label files.
  3. ScubaSegmentationVolumes

    • This section decsribes how to work with segmentation volumes, a specialization of the anatomical volume type.
  4. ScubaFunctionalVolumes

    • Functional volumes are like anatomical volumes, but have special thresholding options.
  5. ScubaControlPoints

    • Creating and editing control points for volumes using markers.
  6. Scuba2DSurfaces

    • Loading and viewing 2D intersections of 3D surfaces.

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