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    1. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage/ScubaSavingImages ScubaSavingImages]
  1. [wiki:/ScubaIntroduction ScubaIntroduction]

  2. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage ScubaGeneralUsage]

    1. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage/ScubaQuickStart ScubaQuickStart]

    2. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage/ScubaInterface ScubaInterface]

    3. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage/ScubaSettingUpTheView ScubaSettingUpTheView]

    4. [wiki:/ScubaGeneralUsage/ScubaTips ScubaTips]

  3. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData ScubaWorkingWithData]

    1. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData/ScubaAnatomicalVolumes ScubaAnatomicalVolumes]

      • Viewing a hi-res volume on a normal volume with a transform
    2. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData/ScubaVolumeROIs ScubaVolumeROIs]
      • How to load and edit volumetric ROIs, and how to save and load them as label files.
    3. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData/ScubaSegmentations ScubaSegmentations]

      • Making a segmentation volume
    4. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData/ScubaFunctionalVolumes ScubaFunctionalVolumes]

    5. [wiki:/ScubaWorkingWithData/ScubaControlPoints ScubaControlPoints]

      • Creating and editing control points
  4. [wiki:/ScubaReference ScubaReference]

    1. [wiki:/ScubaReference/ScubaScripting ScubaScripting]

      • Introduction to scripting: Basic set-up and loading of data Movie making with scuba

There are different guides here for different user tasks. Everybody should read the GUI guide first to get up to speed. After that, pick a guide that best suits what you're trying to do.

  • [wiki:/Transforms Viewing a hi-res volume on a normal volume with a transform]
  • [wiki:/Segmentations Making a segmentation volume]
  • [wiki:/ControlPoints Creating and editing control points]

  • [wiki:/Scripting Introduction to scripting]: Basic set-up and loading of data
  • [wiki:/ScriptingExample2 Another scripting example]: Movie making with multiple volumes

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