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''' Index '''


Index TableOfContents

1. Templates

The wiki uses the following Templates


2. Formatting

  • Acronyms in WikiNames should not be capitalized. For example,

    • Right: CalculateRoiStatistics BR Wrong: CalculateROIStatistics BR

    Words containing acronyms are actually not CamelCase.

  • However, acronyms alone should be capitalized. For example,
    • Right: ROI BR Wrong: Roi BR

  • Commands should use the same case as that of the actual command. For example,
    • Right: ["mri_convert"] BR Wrong: MriConvert BR

    There are some cases where a term is both an application and a command. For example, TkMedit refers to the application and ["tkmedit"] refers to the actual command. Use CamelCase or not depending on wheter you are referring to the application or the command.

  • Use CamelCase for subtopics related to a command. For example,

  • Use bold font for menu commands. For example,

    • Right: File->Load Overlay data BR Wrong: File->Load Overlay data

  • The citation style for attached references is described in detail in the ["References"] section.


3. Graphics

  • Adding graphics to a page is simple. Go to the page you want to add the graphics to. Click on AttachFile and upload the graphics file/s. Then add the line attachment:filename.ext in the source for the page.

  • You should not incorporate graphics by linking to an http address, even if the address is located inside the wiki.
  • If you think a graphic may be valuable to other pages, for example, if it's a commonly used icon, then you can add it to a central page. For example, see ["Icons"]. Other users can then link to that image using the wiki address, e.g., attachment:WikiPage/filename.ext.

4. Linking

  • With the exception of the ToDo page and your WikiHomePage, please do not link to documentation in your personal homepages. Rather, you are encouraged to incorporate your documentation into the wiki.

5. Modifications

  • Please provide a comment with any modifications.

6. Page Layout

7. Encyclopedias

To create an encyclopedia reference, create a page for the term, e.g., ["fMRI"], and then link to the encyclopedia reference from that page.

Mathematics BR MathworldBR [http://www.mathworld.com] BR BR MR Physics BR Amersham Health Medcyclopaedia BR [http://www.amershamhealth.com/medcyclopaedia] BR

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