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 * Capitalize acronyms in WikiName``s. For example,  * Acronyms in WikiName``s should be capitalized. For example,

1. Linking

  • With the exception of the ToDo page, please do not link to documentation in your personal homepages. Rather, you are encouraged to incorporate your documentation into the wiki.

2. Modifications

  • Please provide a comment with any modifications.

3. Templates

The wiki uses the following Templates


4. Formatting

  • Acronyms in WikiNames should be capitalized. For example,

    • Right: CleanNMRSpectrum BR Wrong: CleanNmrSpectrum

  • Use non-CamelCase WikiNames for commands. For example,

    • Right: ["mri_convert"] BR Wrong: MriConvert BR

    There are some cases where a term is both a concept and a command. For example, TkMedit refers to the application and ["tkmedit"] refers to the actual command. Use CamelCase or not depending on wheter you are referring to the concept or the command.

  • Use CamelCase for subtopics related to a command. For example,

  • The citation style for attached references is described in detail in the ["References"] section.

5. Page Layout

  • Use a single page with headlines (see HelpOnHeadlines) for a sequence of actions, for example, for a WorkFlow or a step-by-step tutorial.

  • Use subpages (see HelpOnEditing/SubPages) to organize material which cannot fit on a single page.

6. Encyclopedias

To create an encyclopedia reference, create a page for the term, e.g., ["fMRI"], and then link to the encyclopedia reference from that page.

Mathematics BR MathworldBR [http://www.mathworld.com] BR BR MR Physics BR Amersham Health Medcyclopaedia BR [http://www.amershamhealth.com/medcyclopaedia] BR

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