"The wiki was really easy to use, very gratifying in that little effort produced beautiful results, and seems like a fantastic way to create a shared online documentation system."

"The wiki demonstrates the power of decentralized documentation. It is very cool."

"The basic structure of the wiki was so easy to learn to navigate! The semantic linking makes it simple to create and integrate your own pages."

"The wiki is essential to all of us doing fMRI analysis. It is easy to use, it is beautifully built, and it is a big step ahead for our Center."

"fantastic way to look for stuff!"

"I think it's going to be awesome"

"The wiki will greatly facilitate the training of new staff!"

"The wiki is a tremendous resource for developers"

"I'm thrilled to see the documentation in a format which allows easy, structured contribution by users and developers alike."

"definitely a very helpful tool"

"The fswiki is going to be really valuable for cross-fertilizing ideas and techniques across the Center."

"The wiki is a fast and easy way to get documentation circulated throughout the center. It has the potential to go beyond being a resource for learning standard procedures for data analysis- surfing the amount of information expected to be on this page will likely result in the wiki being a resource for the actual generation of novel analysis ideas."

"The wiki is easy and fun."

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