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Changing Slices

The current slice can be changed with the controls on the right side of the slice label in the Navigation Toolbar, with the mouse button 2 with the Navigation Tool ( Icons/TkMedit/icon_navigate.gif ), or with the arrow keys. The current orientation can be changed by clicking on the appropriate button in the Navigation Toolbar ( Icons/TkMedit/icon_orientation_coronal.gif coronal, Icons/TkMedit/icon_orientation_horizontal.gif horizontal, or Icons/TkMedit/icon_orientation_sagittal.gif sagittal) or by pressing the 'X,' 'Y,' and 'Z' keys.

With the Navigation Tool active, clicking with button 2 in the top half of the screen increases the slice number by 1, and clicking in the bottom half decreases it by 1. Clicking in dragging will continuously change the slice number; dragging up will increase the slice number, dragging down will decrease it.


The view in any pane may be zoomed in to magnify the size of a voxel. The current zoom level is displayed both in the Navigation Toolbar and on the Navigation Toolbar. The zoom level may be changed in three ways:

  1. By holding down the control key and clicking with button 1 to set the cursor and zoom in, or button 3 to zoom out. This works with any tool active.
  2. By clicking on the zoom buttons in the toolbar or the zoom slider in the display area, zooming in or out around the cursor but not set the cursor.
  3. By activating the Navigation Tool and clicking with button 3. Clicking in the top half of the Display window zooms in, and clicking in the bottom half zooms out. Clicking and dragging up continuously zooms in, and dragging down zooms out. This operation does not change the cursor.


While zoomed in, you will not be able to see the entire slice. To pan around in the current slice, you may hold down the control key and click with button 2 to set the cursor and re-center, or activate the Navigation Tool and click and drag with button 1 Using that Navigation Tool will not change the cursor.

As you can see, navigation is primarily done in a modal fashion with the Navigation Tool or at any time with the control-click combinations, although the Navigation Tool is more intuitive and also allows slice changing. You will probably benefit from using both methods.

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