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Head Points

Head points data represent the location sensors during an MEG/EEG scan.


Head points data consist of two files: a list of points and their labels, and a transform file. These must be specified in the File->Load Head Points... to load head points data.

Display Options

Head points are displayed as green diamonds in the Display Window. They can be hidden by unchecking View->Head Points. You can select a head point by clicking near it. The selected head point is drawn in red and its label is shown in the Tools Window.

When you are viewing the maximum intensity projection (by checking View->Maximum Intensity Projection), you will see all the head points. Note that in this view you can selet head points in all planes, not just the current one.


You can edit the label of the currently selected head point by choosing Tools->Head Points->Edit Current Head Point Label.... Enter the new name in the dialog box. You will need to click the point again in the Display Window to see the new name in the Tools Window.

You can also modify the registration transform. Use the Tools->Head Points->Register Head Points... command to bring up a dialog box containing arrow buttons. Use these buttons along with the associated parameters to move the head points. It is easiest if you do this in the maximum intensity projection view.


Save changes to the head points labels by choosing File->Save Head Points. Save changes to the registration transform by choosing File->Save Head Points Transform. Both commands overwrite the original files.

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