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||Up to TkSurferGuide||Back to [:../TkSurferQuickStart: TkSurferQuickStart]||Continue to [:../TkSurferViewingArea: TkSurferViewingArea]|| ||Up to TkSurferGuide||Back to [[../TkSurferQuickStart| TkSurferQuickStart]]||Continue to [[../TkSurferViewingArea| TkSurferViewingArea]]||
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attachment:tksurfer_display.jpg {{attachment:tksurfer_display.jpg}}
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attachment:tksurfer_tools.jpg {{attachment:tksurfer_tools.jpg}}
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||attachment:icon_redraw.gif||Redraw the screen||attachment:icon_cursor_save.gif||Save the cursor position||attachment:icon_cursor_goto.gif||Load the cursor position||
||attachment:icon_surface_main.gif||Show the main surface||attachment:icon_surface_inflated.gif||Show the inflated surface||attachment:icon_surface_white.gif||Show the white surface||
||attachment:icon_surface_pial.gif||Show the pial surface||attachment:icon_surface_original.gif||Show the orig(inal) surface||attachment:icon_curv.gif||Show the curvature||
||attachment:icon_overlay.gif||Show the overlay||attachment:icon_color_scalebar.gif||Show the overlay color scale bar||attachment:icon_label_off.gif||Show the labels||
||attachment:icon_label_filled.gif||Show the labels as filled shapes||attachment:icon_label_outline.gif||Show the labels as outlined shapes||
||{{attachment:icon_redraw.gif}}||Redraw the screen||{{attachment:icon_cursor_save.gif}}||Save the cursor position||{{attachment:icon_cursor_goto.gif}}||Load the cursor position||
||{{attachment:icon_surface_main.gif}}||Show the main surface||{{attachment:icon_surface_inflated.gif}}||Show the inflated surface||{{attachment:icon_surface_white.gif}}||Show the white surface||
||{{attachment:icon_surface_pial.gif}}||Show the pial surface||{{attachment:icon_surface_original.gif}}||Show the orig(inal) surface||{{attachment:icon_curv.gif}}||Show the curvature||
||{{attachment:icon_overlay.gif}}||Show the overlay||{{attachment:icon_color_scalebar.gif}}||Show the overlay color scale bar||{{attachment:icon_label_off.gif}}||Show the labels||
||{{attachment:icon_label_filled.gif}}||Show the labels as filled shapes||{{attachment:icon_label_outline.gif}}||Show the labels as outlined shapes||
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||attachment:icon_cut_line.gif||Make a cutting line||attachment:icon_cut_closed_line.gif||Make a closed cutting line||attachment:icon_cut_plane.gif||Make a cutting plane||
||attachment:icon_cut_area.gif||Cut a contiguous area||attachment:icon_cut_clear.gif||Clear all cuts||attachment:icon_draw_line.gif||Draw a path||
||attachment:icon_draw_line_closed.gif||Draw a closed path||attachment:icon_fill_label.gif||Show the fill label dialog box||attachment:icon_erase_line.gif||Erase the current line||
||attachment:icon_marked_to_label.gif||Make a label out of marked vertices||attachment:icon_label_to_marked.gif||Mark the vertices in the current label||attachment:icon_erase_label.gif||Erase the current label||
||attachment:icon_color_label.gif||Change the color of the current label||
||{{attachment:icon_cut_line.gif}}||Make a cutting line||{{attachment:icon_cut_closed_line.gif}}||Make a closed cutting line||{{attachment:icon_cut_plane.gif}}||Make a cutting plane||
||{{attachment:icon_cut_area.gif}}||Cut a contiguous area||{{attachment:icon_cut_clear.gif}}||Clear all cuts||{{attachment:icon_draw_line.gif}}||Draw a path||
||{{attachment:icon_draw_line_closed.gif}}||Draw a closed path||{{attachment:icon_fill_label.gif}}||Show the fill label dialog box||{{attachment:icon_erase_line.gif}}||Erase the current line||
||{{attachment:icon_marked_to_label.gif}}||Make a label out of marked vertices||{{attachment:icon_label_to_marked.gif}}||Mark the vertices in the current label||{{attachment:icon_erase_label.gif}}||Erase the current label||
||{{attachment:icon_color_label.gif}}||Change the color of the current label||
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||attachment:icon_home.gif||Set the camera to the home position||
||attachment:icon_arrow_rot_x_pos.gif attachment:icon_arrow_rot_z_neg.gif attachment:icon_arrow_rot_y_neg.gif attachment:icon_arrow_rot_x_neg.gif attachment:icon_arrow_rot_y_pos.gif attachment:icon_arrow_rot_z_pos.gif||Rotate the view||
||attachment:icon_arrow_left.gif attachment:icon_arrow_down.gif attachment:icon_arrow_up.gif attachment:icon_arrow_right.gif||Translate or pan the view||
||attachment:icon_zoom_out.gif attachment:icon_zoom_in.gif||Zoom the view||
||{{attachment:icon_home.gif}}||Set the camera to the home position||
||{{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_x_pos.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_z_neg.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_y_neg.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_x_neg.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_y_pos.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_rot_z_pos.gif}}||Rotate the view||
||{{attachment:icon_arrow_left.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_down.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_up.gif}} {{attachment:icon_arrow_right.gif}}||Translate or pan the view||
||{{attachment:icon_zoom_out.gif}} {{attachment:icon_zoom_in.gif}}||Zoom the view||

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TkSurfer consists of two windows. The Display Window displays data. The Tools Window has toolbars, a menu bar, and display areas for the cursor and mouse location.

Display Window


Here is a look at the Display window. From looking in the title bar, you can see that the subject is called bert-brf. Here we see an inflated hemisphere surface with a grayscale curvature overlay and a colored functional overlay.

Tools Window


The menu bar at the top of the Tools Window contains four menus. The File menu is for loading and unloading data and for saving changes. The Edit menu contains an undo item and selection utilities. The View menu contains options for specifying what data are displayed and configuring how these data are displayed. The Tools menu contains commands and utilities for working on data.

The top toolbar contains buttons for various cutting, drawing, and filling actions. Beneath that are three navigation panes used to rotate, translate, and zoom the view of the surface.

Main Toolbar


Redraw the screen


Save the cursor position


Load the cursor position


Show the main surface


Show the inflated surface


Show the white surface


Show the pial surface


Show the orig(inal) surface


Show the curvature


Show the overlay


Show the overlay color scale bar


Show the labels


Show the labels as filled shapes


Show the labels as outlined shapes

Tools Toobar


Make a cutting line


Make a closed cutting line


Make a cutting plane


Cut a contiguous area


Clear all cuts


Draw a path


Draw a closed path


Show the fill label dialog box


Erase the current line


Make a label out of marked vertices


Mark the vertices in the current label


Erase the current label


Change the color of the current label


Set the camera to the home position

icon_arrow_rot_x_pos.gif icon_arrow_rot_z_neg.gif icon_arrow_rot_y_neg.gif icon_arrow_rot_x_neg.gif icon_arrow_rot_y_pos.gif icon_arrow_rot_z_pos.gif

Rotate the view

icon_arrow_left.gif icon_arrow_down.gif icon_arrow_up.gif icon_arrow_right.gif

Translate or pan the view

icon_zoom_out.gif icon_zoom_in.gif

Zoom the view

Beneath that is an area divided into halves. Each half displays information about the cursor (left half) or mouse location (right half). This area expands downwards are more data types are loaded and have information that need displaying. You can go directly to a vertex index by typing into the field labeled Vertex Index underneath the Cursor area.

The overlay information lines have editable fields that allow you to rename the overlays layers. Additionally, the button next to each one will switch to that layer.

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