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||Up to TkSurferGuide||Back to [:../: TkSurferIntroduction]||Continue to [:/TkSurferQuickStart: TkSurferQuickStart]|| ||Up to TkSurferGuide||Back to [[../| TkSurferIntroduction]]||Continue to [[/TkSurferQuickStart| TkSurferQuickStart]]||
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  1. [wiki:/TkSurferQuickStart TkSurferQuickStart]
  1. [wiki:/TkSurferInterface TkSurferInterface]
  1. [wiki:/TkSurferViewingArea TkSurferViewingArea]
  1. [wiki:/TkSurferNavigation TkSurferNavigation]
  1. [[/TkSurferQuickStart|TkSurferQuickStart]]
  1. [[/TkSurferInterface|TkSurferInterface]]
  1. [[/TkSurferViewingArea|TkSurferViewingArea]]
  1. [[/TkSurferNavigation|TkSurferNavigation]]

Up to TkSurferGuide

Back to TkSurferIntroduction

Continue to TkSurferQuickStart

General Usage

TkSurfer displays surface data and allows the user to navigate through that data and view it from different orientations. TkSurfer also displays other data types such as functional data and curvature as overlays onto this surface data.


  1. TkSurferQuickStart

  2. TkSurferInterface

  3. TkSurferViewingArea

  4. TkSurferNavigation

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