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Mouse Commands

Mouse Clicks

Button 1

Sets the cursor, drawing it in the new location, and marks the clicked vertex.

Button 2

Sets the cursor without drawing it in the new location and unmarks the clicked vertex.

Button 3

Clears marked vertices.

Mouse Controls for Zooming

Control+Button 1

Zooms in, doubling the zoom level

Control+Button 3

Zooms out, halving the zoom level

Mouse Controls for Toolbar Buttons


Button 1

Button 2

Button 3


Shift+click locks the redraw button so it will always redraw.

icon_surface_main.gif icon_surface_inflated.gif icon_surface_white.gif icon_surface_pial.gif icon_surface_original.gif

Ctrl+click shows the Load Surface dialog for the relevant surface.


Ctrl+click will show the curvature options dialog.

Ctrl+click will show the Load Curvature dialog box.


Ctrl+click will show the overlay options dialog.

Ctrl+click will show the Load Overlay dialog box.


Ctrl+click will show the Labels Window.

Ctrl+click will show the Load Labels dialog box.

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