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Loading Patches

Use theFile->Patch->Load Patch... item to load a patch file. Saving Patches

Use the File->Patch->Save Patch command to overwrite the original file, or File->Patch->Save Patch As... to save a new patch file in a new location.

Cutting the Occiput Surface

The occiput patch represents the occipital pole with a cut down the calcarine fissure. This cortical patch is particularly useful for displaying the results of visual experiments.

Select Make Occip Surface Cuts from the Subject Tools menu in csurf: (fig1)

1. Make calcarine sulcus relaxation cut. · Select points (left-click) along the calcarine fissure beginning at the occipital pole and moving anteriorly. · Open-line cut with CUTLINE (surfer tools). (fig2)

2. Specify cutting plane. · Select three points (labeled 1, 2, and 3 below) to define the cutting plane, and a fourth point (labeled 4 below) to specify which portion of the surface to keep (left-click). (fig3)

3. Make the planar cut. · CUTPLANE button. (fig4)

4. Save patch. · Specify the patch name in the patch field and press WRITE. The default names for the occiput cortical surfaces are: rh.occip.patch.3d lh.occip.patch.3d