Loading Patches

Use the File->Patch->Load Patch... item to load a patch file.

Saving Patches

Use the File->Patch->Save Patch command to overwrite the original file, or File->Patch->Save Patch As... to save a new patch file in a new location.

Cutting the Occiput Surface

The occiput patch represents the occipital pole with a cut down the calcarine fissure. This cortical patch is particularly useful for displaying the results of visual experiments.

0. Select Make Occip Surface Cuts from the Subject Tools menu in csurf:


1. Make calcarine sulcus relaxation cut.

· Select points (left-click) along the calcarine fissure beginning at the occipital pole and moving anteriorly.

· Open-line cut with CUTLINE (surfer tools).


2. Specify cutting plane.

· Select three points (labeled 1, 2, and 3 below) to define the cutting plane, and a fourth point (labeled 4 below) to specify which portion of the surface to keep (left-click).


3. Make the planar cut.

· CUTPLANE button.


4. Save patch.

· Specify the patch name in the patch field and press WRITE.

The default names for the occiput cortical surfaces are: