FreeSurfer VitrualBox VM Host System Requirements

Summary of Requirements:
Tested running on hosts: Windows 10, Mac OS 10.15 with VirtualBox 6.X
Host RAM: 16GB RAM (~8 GB of free RAM apart from the RAM already in use by the host OS and its running applications.)
Host Graphics card: 3D graphics card with its own graphics memory & accelerated OpenGL drivers.
Host Disk Space: ~30G for compressed VM image, ~60G for uncompressed image.
Host: A working network connection.

Freesurfer Ubuntu 18 VM install and setup on Windows: WinHost_VM_setup.

Freesurfer Ubuntu 18 VM install and setup on Mac OS: MacHost_VM_setup.

Once the VM starts and you see the desktop, you can start a terminal and it should come up with the environment set to run the current 7.1.0 release.

You can also setup the environment to work with the previous 6.0.0 release. See the README* files in the home directory of the default user when you login.

Instructions for running the tutorial data from the freesurfer course (as well as the data) is also included in the README* files.


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