Creating your WikiHomePage

  1. You can create your WikiHomePage by going to where FirstnameLastname is your WikiUserName. For example, if your WikiUserName is JaneSmith you should go to

  2. Click on HomepageTemplate and then fill out the information. When you're done press the Save Changes button. You can then click on RecentChanges to see that your modification has been added to the Wiki. Congratulations! You've just made your first contribution to the Wiki.

Setting UserPreferences

  1. Go to UserPreferences to set up your preferences. We recommend that you activate the following preferences

    • Show emoticons
    • Show fancy diffs
    • Show fancy links
    • Show icon toolbar
    • Show page trail
  2. You can also specify which pages you'd like to subscribe to in the window which reads Subscribed wiki pages (one regex per line). When you subscribe to a page you'll automatically receive an email notification when that page is modified. You can subscribe to all pages on the wiki by putting a .* (that is, a period followed by an asterisk) in the subscription window. See HelpOnUserPreferences for more information.

  3. Click on Save to save your user preferences.


Starting Points

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