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The following scripts can be used to control asegstats2table and aparcstats2table commands in order to generate text/ascii tables of freesurfer stats data for all subjects in the directory at once. Using those scripts will simplify and automate conversion process.

1- Applescript

It works using 4 mouse clicks only! This script works on both bash and tsch shells but it is suitable for MAC only.

Please click on the link below to download script;


The illustration video


2- Bash script

This script works on both Linux and MAC. But it works on bash shell only.

User will be asked to write freesurfer directory and subjects' directory.

You can use chmod +x to make it executable as following;

chmod +x stats2table_bash.command or chmod +x stats2table_bash.sh

Please click on the link below to download script;


The illustration video


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