mri_info - provides information about the volume


mri_info provides information about the volume including voxel size, width, height, depth, direction cosines, etc


mri_info fname1 <fname2> <options>


Positional Arguments


input volume

Optional Flagged Arguments


Print whether a volume is conformed stdout


Print the voxel type/precision (e.g. FLOAT) to stdout


Print TR to stdout


Print TE to stdout


Print TI to stdout


Print flip angle to stdout


Print phase encode direction


Print col, row, slice, and frame resolution


Print column voxel size (xsize)


Print row voxel size (ysize)


Print slice voxel size (zsize)


Print voxel volume


Print number of columns (width) to stdout


Print number of rows (height) to stdout


Print number of slices (depth) to stdout


Print number of columns, rows, slices, and frames


Print column direction cosine (x_{r,a,s})


Print row direction cosine (y_{r,a,s})


Print slice direction cosine (z_{r,a,s})


Print the native/qform vox2ras matrix


Print the native/qform ras2vox matrix


Print the tkregister vox2ras matrix


Print the tkregister raz2vox matrix


Print the FSL/FLIRT vox2ras matrix


Print tkrRAS-to-scannerRAS matrix


Print scannerRAS-to-tkrRAS matrix


Print ras_good_flag


Print the RAS at the center of the volume


Zero the center ras


Print the RAS at voxel (0,0,0)


Print the determinant of the vox2ras matrix


Print the dof stored in the header


Print number of frames to stdout


Print number of middle frames to stdout


File format


Orientation string (eg. LPS, RAS, RPI)


Primary slice direction


Print auto align matrix (if it exists)


Print command-line provenance info


Print FA, TR, TE, TI, ect

--voxel c r s

Dump voxel value from col row slice (0-based, all frames)


Compute and print entropy

--o file

Print flagged results to file

--in_type type

Explicitly specify file type (see mri_convert)


ascii text

description of the volume


mri_info orig.mgz

Volume information for orig
          type: COR
    dimensions: 256 x 256 x 256
   voxel sizes: 1.0000, 1.0000, 1.0000
          type: UCHAR (0)
           fov: 256.000
        xstart: -128.0, xend: 128.0
        ystart: -128.0, yend: 128.0
        zstart: -128.0, zend: 128.0
            TR: 0.00 msec, TE: 0.00 msec, TI: 0.00 msec, flip angle: 0.00 degrees
       nframes: 1
ras xform present
    xform info: x_r =  -1.0000, y_r =   0.0000, z_r =  -0.0000, c_r =     5.3997
              : x_a =  -0.0000, y_a =   0.0000, z_a =   1.0000, c_a =    18.0000
              : x_s =  -0.0000, y_s =  -1.0000, z_s =  -0.0000, c_s =     0.0000
voxel to ras transform:
               -1.0000   0.0000  -0.0000   133.3997
               -0.0000   0.0000   1.0000  -110.0000
               -0.0000  -1.0000  -0.0000   128.0000
                0.0000   0.0000   0.0000     1.0000

This is the typical CORONAL volume output.



See Also

For more information about the voxel to ras transform (vox2ras), as well as calculating this from scanner raw data, see also this technical report.





Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>



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