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mri_parse_sdcmdir - parses the DICOM files in a given directory


mri_parse_sdcmdir --d sdicomdir [<options>]


Positional Arguments


Required Flagged Arguments

--d sdicomdir

path to siemens dicom directory

this is the name of the directory where the dicom files are located (required)

Optional Flagged Arguments

--o outfile

write results to outfile (default is stdout)

this is the name of the file to which the result will be printed. if unspecified, the results will be printed to stdout


assign run numbers


only print out info for run leaders

forces print out of information for the first file in the run

-- help

how to use this program


stdout or outfile

spreadsheet containing information about the DICOM files in a given directory


mri_parse_sdcmdir parses the Siemens DICOM files in a given directory, and prints out information about each file. the output is printed to stdout unless a file name is passed with the --o flag

the most useful information is that which cannot be easily obtained by probing a dicom file. this includes: the run number, number of frames in the run, number of slices in the run, and, for mosaics, the number of rows and cols in the volume

there are 14 columns in the output:

  1. File Number
  2. File Name
  3. Series Number
  4. Series Error Flag (1 for error)
  5. Image Number
  6. Mosaic Flag (1 for mosaics)
  7. Number of Rows in the Volume
  8. Number of Columns in the Volume
  9. Number of Slices in the Volume for the Series
  1. Number of Frames in the Series
  2. Repetition Time (sec)
  3. Echo Time (ms)
  4. Protocol Name - white space stripped


Example 1


Example 2




See Also

othercommand1, othercommand2


FreeSurfer, FsFast

Methods Description




Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <analysis-bugs@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu>



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