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  labelstring is usually wm (127 for lh, 255 for rh)   labelstring is usually wm (127 for rh, 255 for lh)


Changes white matter (WM) segmentation so that the neighbors of all voxels labeled as WM have a face in common - no edges or corners allowed.


mri_pretess [options] filledvol labelstring normvol newfilledvol


 -debug_voxel C R S
 -nocorners : no removal of corner configurations in addition to edge ones
 -w : turn on diagnostic writing
 -keep : keep WM edits
 -test : adds a voxel that should be removed by mri_pretess.
  The value of the voxel is set to that of an ON-edited WM,
  so it should be kept with -keep. The output will NOT be saved.


  filledvol    is usually wm.mgz
  labelstring  is usually wm (127 for rh, 255 for lh)
  normvol      is usually norm.mgz
  newfilledvol is usually wm.mgz

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