mri_probedicom - queries a DICOM file


mri_probedicom --i dicomfile [<options>]


Positional Arguments


Required Flagged Arguments

--i dicomfile

path to dicom file

path to the dicom file to probe. if this is the only option, a basic set of data will be printed out, including the Siemens ASCII header (if its a Siemens DICOM file)

Optional Flagged Arguments

--t group element

dicom group and element

group and element IDs in hexidecimal. eg, --t 10 10 will return the Patient Name. the software will compute the actual tag

--d directive

[val] filetype, tag, desc, mult, rep

specifies the aspect of the data item to probe. possible values are:

val - print out the value of the item (default)

filetype - type of file. return values are bigendian, littleendian, part10, or notadicom. even if the not a DICOM file, the exit status will still be zero. it is not necessary to supply a tag with this directive

tag - numeric value of the tag created by combining the group and element IDs

desc - description of the item

mult - multiplicity

rep - representation


view the image

display the image in an X window. ignores the tag option

--o file

dump binary pixel data into file

dump the binary pixel data to filename

--ob stem

dump binary pixel data into bshort

dump the binary pixel dat to stem.bshort and create header stem.hdr


dump dicom dictionary and exit

print out the DICOM dictionary. this just calls the CTN program dcm_print_dictionary (which must be in your path). ignores all other options


how to use this program



result of data item probing


dump of the binary pixel data


printout of the DICOM dictionary


mri_probedicom prints the value of the specified DICOM group and element item to stdout. If the file is not a DICOM file it will exit with a non-zero status. It is also possible to view the image, dump the pixel data to a file, and print out a basic set of information

Uses the DICOM CTN libraries. See DICOM.


Example 1


Example 2



mri_probedicom has only been tested on Siemens DICOM files but it should work on any DICOM file. note: the CTN software does not support float and double DICOM data formats

See Also

othercommand1, othercommand2


FreeSurfer, FsFast

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Reporting Bugs

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