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mri_cor2label- Converts values in a COR volume to a label.



Positional Arguments

Required Flagged Arguments

--c cordir

directory to find COR volume

--id labelid

0-255 value in COR volume

--l labelfile

name of output file

Optional Flagged Arguments

--v volfile

write label volume in file


print out help information


synthesizes a label (ignores values in COR volume)



Converts values in a COR volume to a label. The program searches the COR volume in directory 'cordir' for values equal to 'labelid'. The xyz values for each point are then computed assuming 1 mm^3 voxels and that xyz=0 at the center of the volume. The xyz values are then stored in 'labelfile' in the label file format; the vertex values are set to zero as is the statistic value. While this program can be used with any COR volume, it was designed to convert parcellation volumes, which happen to be stored in COR format. See tkmedit for more information on parcellations. The labelid must be within the range of 0 to 255. The label volume in mm^3 can be written to the argument of --v.


Example 1

mri_cor2label --c /space/final/frontier/myparcellation

This will load the COR volume found in the directory /space/final/frontier/myparcellation and then search the volume for values equaling 57. The results are stored in 57.label in the directory /home/brainmapper/spattemp, which must exist prior to execution.

Example 2


See Also

["tkmedit"], ["mri_label2label"]


FreeSurfer, FsFast

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