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./qdec_glmfit --data-table ~/subjects/qdec/qdec_data_table.dat --working-dir /tmp --subjects-dir ~/subjects --average-subject fsaverage --analysis-name thickness-diagnosis_and_iq-lh10 --discrete-factor diagnosis --continuous-factor IQ --measurement thickness --hemisphere lh --smoothness 10 --output Test.qdec ./qdec_glmfit \
--data-table ~/subjects/qdec/qdec_data_table.dat \
--working-dir /tmp \
--subjects-dir ~/subjects \
--average-subject fsaverage \
--analysis-name thickness-diagnosis_and_iq-lh10 \
  --discrete-factor diagnosis \
--continuous-factor IQ --continuous-factor age \
measurement thickness \
--hemisphere lh \
--smoothness 10 \
--output Test.qdec

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qdec_glmfit - wrapper for mri_glmfit that outputs a .qdec file


qdec_glmfit --data-table FILE --average-subject SUBJECT --analysis-name NAME [--discrete-factor FACTOR [--discrete-factor FACTOR]] [--continuous-factor FACTOR [--continuous-factor FACTOR]] --measurement MEASUREMENT --hemipshere lh|rh --smootheness SMOOTHNESS --output FILE [--working-dir DIR] [--subjects-dir DIR]


Required Flagged Arguments

--data-table, -d FILENAME

Input qdec.table.dat file

--average-subject, -a SUBJECT

Average subject name

--analysis-name, -n STRING

Name for analysis

--measurement, -m SRING

Measurement name

--hemisphere, -h lh|rh

Hemipshere to use

--smoothness, -t INTEGER

Smoothness to use

--output, -o FILENAME

Output .qdec filename

Optional Flagged Arguments

--working-dir, -w DIR

Directory in which to generate temporary data (default /tmp)

--subjects-dir, -s DIR

Directory in which to find the average subject (default SUBJECTS_DIR env var)

--discrete-factor, -f STRING

Discrete factor (up to 2)

--continuous-factor, -c STRING

Continuous factor (up to 2)


This program internally calls mri_glmfit but provides an interface that is similar to Qdec's (the visualzation program) and has fewer, simpler options. Instead of generating a directory of results, it generates a Qdec Project File, or a .qdec file, which can be loaded in Qdec.


Example 1

./qdec_glmfit \
  --data-table ~/subjects/qdec/qdec_data_table.dat \
  --working-dir /tmp \
  --subjects-dir ~/subjects \
  --average-subject fsaverage \
  --analysis-name thickness-diagnosis_and_iq-lh10 \
  --discrete-factor diagnosis \
  --continuous-factor IQ --continuous-factor age \
  --measurement thickness \
  --hemisphere lh \
  --smoothness 10 \
  --output Test.qdec



See Also

["mri_glmfit"], ["Qdec"]



Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <analysis-bugs@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu>


KevinTeich, NickSchmansky

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