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On this page we provide a list of plugins, extensions, toolboxes, templates and atlases that have been created by FMRIB and other groups, which are relevant to users of FSL. To add a new entry, please email details to fsl@fmrib.ox.ac.uk


FLICA (FMRIB's Linked Independent Component Analysis) is an exploratory analysis tool designed to automatically find structured components that cross multiple modalities of group data (e.g. TBSS, VBM, Freesurfer, etc).

Adrian Groves


FSLNets is a set of simple MATLAB scripts for carrying out basic network modelling from (typically FMRI) timeseries data. This beta-version package requires you to have various other software than just FSL, such as MATLAB, and for now is not bundled as part of FSL.

Steve Smith

DM Cluster

This approach to spatial clustering has some important properties (independence of cluster shape and total variance), carries out density estimation in 3D and shrinks the set of voxels to their densest regions.

Stephen Hanson, RUMBA

featquery percent change calculation

This guide describes how featquery calculates percent change and how for certain types of studies a different procedure is necessary to calculate interpretable percent changes.

Jeanette Mumford


A matlab based power calculation tool that has been developed for the calculation of power for future group fMRI studies utilizing the analysis results from previous fMRI studies.

Jeanette Mumford

Groups/people working on GPU (etc) accelerations, or parallelisations, of FSL

We're creating this list so that the various groups who have expressed an interest in working on accelerating aspects of FSL through the use of GPUs (or similar) can co-ordinate their efforts with each other if they wish.

Can we suggest that people email fsl@fmrib.ox.ac.uk with a one-line summary of what they are working on and what progress/results they have made.

* Jiří Keller Gera.Keller@gmail.com

* Tianzi Jiang jiangtz@nlpr.ia.ac.cn

* Stefan Du Plessis witpikkewyn@gmail.com

* Moisés Hernández Fernandez moises.hernandez@um.es<br>85x speedup for bedpostx on a single GPU; CUDA implementation that works on NVIDIA GPUs; draft paper ready

* Brian Patenaude brianpatenaude@mac.com

* Jura jura@spital.cz

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