FreeSurfer Tutorial Datasets

The full data for the tutorials consists of several data sets:

Also, if you only want to get started with the basics of FreeSurfer, you need only download the buckner_data set. This will allow you to do the following tutorials:


Once the dataset(s) have been downloaded, uncompress and install with the following command run from a terminal window.

tar -xzvf <filename>.tar.gz

Replacing <filename> with the name of the file downloaded. The downloaded .tar.gz files can then be deleted.


In order to do the tutorials, users must define an environment variable called TUTORIAL_DATA which is set to the root directory containing the extracted data (i.e. the directories 'buckner_data', 'long-tutorial', 'fsfast-functional', etc.). The tutorials make frequent use of the TUTORIAL_DATA environment variable and it need to be set properly for any of the tutorials to work. For example:

export TUTORIAL_DATA=/home/username/Downloads/tutorial_data

buckner_data                    fsfast-functional
diffusion_recons                fsfast-tutorial.subjects
diffusion_tutorial              long-tutorial

If you see something similar to the above output (you may not have downloaded all the tutorial data sets) you are now ready to start the Freesurfer tutorials.

FreeSurfer Tutorial Datasets 5.1/5.3

Below are links to the previous versions of the tutorial dataset that correspond to freesurfer version 5.1 and 5.3:

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