The qdec app (v4.2.0 and later) will read a configuration file named .Qdecrc from your home directory ($HOME), and also your $SUBJECTS_DIR/qdec directory. It allows customization via KEYWORD = VALUE pairs. It will read the one in your $SUBJECTS_DIR/qdec dir first, so you can put per-project customizations there. Currently, it recognizes these:


MEASURE# = some_measure

where # is a number from 1 to 100, and 'some_measure' is a measure, such as 'thickness_new'. When this keyword/value pair is defined, then the measure is added to the the qdec dependent variable measures menu in the Design tab. The purpose is to allow for situations when the user has created their own measures (for example, a new updated thickness measure, or maybe a new distance measure, etc.). Example:

MEASURE1 = thickness_new



If this is added to your .Qdecrc file, then instead of using the default of Ctrl-Button-1 to select a vertex (and bring-up the GDF plot), instead just clicking Button-1 will bring it up.


AVERAGE = myaverage

If this is added to your .Qdecrc file, it will replace the default common-space average subject, fsaverage, with that specified here. In this example, myaverage is the name of some average subject that you created (using make_average_subject). Note that for this to work with qdec, you must run recon-all -qcache with the additional argument -target specifying your average subject, ie:

recon-all -s subjid -qcache -target myaverage

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