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ADNI Download Notes

Notes on how to download ADNI subject data and incorporate into our local copy, which is found here:

cd /autofs/space/mreuter/ADNI

The main ADNI site is here:

It is necessary to obtain an account with them in order to download data from the LONI site, which is here:

Previous Download Date: 6/25/18

Downloading Scans




Downloading Study Data

It's also important to periodically check the study data to ensure that we have all the relevant data. To download study data, click the "Download" section on the top bar and select "Study Data". This will bring you to a page that contains all of the important study data for ADNI. The most important sections are enrollment, demographics, study info, and imaging. In these sections you'll find all the relevant demographics information and information regarding the scanning parameters.

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