Brainstorm is a collaborative, open-source application dedicated to MEG/EEG/sEEG/ECoG data analysis (visualization, processing and advanced source modeling).

Integration with Freesurfer (product of Fran├žois Tade) includes the following:

Subject co-registration

The projection of the source maps on the default anatomy, is now done using the registered spheres (?h.sphere.reg) from the FreeSurfer folder. The improves dramatically the quality of the subject co-registration. If you have been using the menu "Project sources" to calculate grand averages or statistics across subject, it is recommended that you read carefully the new coregistration tutorial:

Sub-cortical atlases

Now Brainstorm imports the subcortical atlas aseg.mgz as a set of surfaces, as part of the fully automated import procedure. More information on the FreeSurfer tutorial page:

Cortical atlases and cortical regions

All the individual surface-based atlases generated by FreeSurfer are imported automatically. One new feature is the classification of those regions in macro-regions (pre-frontal, frontal, central, parietal, temporal, occipital and limbic), and the possibility to display those regions as colored areas on the brain.

New anatomy templates

Instead of the MNI Colin27 brain, you can you the FreeSurfer average subject "FSAverage" as your default anatomy in Brainstorm, as well as the ICBM152 brain:

Cortical thickness

The individual cortical thickness maps generated by FreeSurfer can be imported automatically as part of the automated import process.

Other recent improvements

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