Brodmann Area Maps (BA Maps) and Hinds V1 Atlas

The Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and the Institute of Neurosciences and Biophysics (INB) have created an atlas of a subset of the Brodmann Areas, for usage in Freesurfer. The subject set consists of 10 neurologicially normal subjects.


Note: maps are for neuroscientific purposes only! (no commercial use)

BA Labels

The following labels are included in Freesurfer v4.0.3 (and later) for display on the 'fsaverage' surface distributed with Freesurfer:

These labels are created by default when recon-all is run. They can be created manually by running:

recon-all -s subjid -ba-labels

To view a label, open an inflated surface (tksurfer subjid lh inflated) and then select File->Label->Load Label and select a label (lh.BA1_exvivo.label, for example). Then select Tools->Labels->Copy Label Statistics to Overlay. Then select View->Configure->Overlay and set Min threshold to 0 and Max threshold to 0.5, and also select Linear threshold, and then press Apply and Close. The label should appear on the surface (you will probably need to press the Redraw button). Only one label at a time can be displayed. The labels show the frequency estimates of the probability that each (displayed) point was part of that BA.

See also Entorhinal and Perirhinal.

V1 Atlas

See the O. Hinds paper 'Accurate prediction of V1 location from cortical folds in a surface coordinate system', in References below, for details. This is different set of work from the Brodmann labels just described, but is mentioned here because it is an alternative V1 label.

The Hinds V1 labels are produced by running:

recon-all -s subjid -label_v1

This will output:

Note: This requires the subject found in $FREESURFER_HOME/subjects/V1_average to be located (symlinked or copied) in your $SUBJECTS_DIR.


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