Bug List from Stable 5.0.0

Note: These bugs are found while running the Buckner40 data set.
see also: Buckner40Notes




There's a difference between the orig surf and white surf after wm edits
--usually the orig surf is better

White surf does weird indentations even when wm voxels are present (white matter damage?)
--again orig surf is better here

Surfaces between temporal lobe and the cerebral cortex are usually crazy (random wm voxels)

Still some problems with calcarine area - aseg is correct yet the surfaces aren't


Pial surf isn't correct at midline
(not incorrect but not pretty to look at)


Sometimes the dura is taken as wm and white surf is pulled outward, after deleting the dura from wm.mgz, the white surf still doesn't adjust - the orig surf, however, does.

092 at 174 131 143, 097 at 117 147 153, 102 at 114 122 162

When I click on the snapshot button, I can save a snapshot as either tiff
or rgb. When I right or left click on the snapshot button I can only save rgb. If I
try to save a .tif in the rgb window, tkmedit crashes with this error:

*** glibc detected *** tkmedit.bin: free(): invalid next size (normal):
0x000000002370d610 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

Watershed method to correct skull strip errors - there seems to be no in between for fine tuning the amount of brain I want present. There's either part of the brain missing (skull strip failure) or the entire skull is present.

Tried with buckner 145_wstest

*Examples are found here

Feature Requests



Quit prompt when pressing Ctrl-q when view window is highlighted in tkmedit.

Have a tool that can highlight and add wm voxels at the same time?

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