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Thank you for your interest in the Mindboggle-101 dataset (!
This first release includes manually labeled anatomical brain regions for 101 healthy subjects,
following the Desikan-Killiany-Tourville protocol.  

The 40 subjects shown below were selected from that set of 101 subjects for use in composing
the DKT40 atlas included with FreeSurfer.

Please cite the following article and website when making use of these data or the labeling protocol:

"101 labeled brain images and a consistent human cortical labeling protocol"
Arno Klein, Jason Tourville. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods. 6:171. DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2012.00171

Copyright 2012,  Mindboggle team (, Creative Commons License

For questions, please contact Arno Klein (

Mindboggle101, M/F, R/L, Age, Source
MMRR-21-1, M, -, 25, KKI2009-11
MMRR-21-2, M, -, 38, KKI2009-14
MMRR-21-3, M, R, 34, KKI2009-15
MMRR-21-11, M, R, 25, KKI2009-25
MMRR-21-15, F, R, 28, KKI2009-33
MMRR-21-16, M, R, 30, KKI2009-34
MMRR-21-17, F, L, 23, KKI2009-36
MMRR-21-18, F, R, 61, KKI2009-37
MMRR-21-19, M, R, 32, KKI2009-40
MMRR-21-20, F, R, 22, KKI2009-41
MMRR-21-21, M, R, 26, KKI2009-42
OASIS-TRT-20-1, F, R, 20, OAS1_0061_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-2, F, R, 25, OAS1_0080_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-3, M, R, 22, OAS1_0092_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-4, M, R, 23, OAS1_0111_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-5, M, R, 25, OAS1_0117_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-6, M, R, 34, OAS1_0145_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-7, F, R, 20, OAS1_0150_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-8, F, R, 20, OAS1_0156_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-9, F, R, 21, OAS1_0191_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-10, F, R, 23, OAS1_0202_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-11, F, R, 19, OAS1_0230_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-12, F, R, 20, OAS1_0236_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-14, F, R, 28, OAS1_0249_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-15, M, R, 20, OAS1_0285_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-16, M, R, 22, OAS1_0368_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-17, F, R, 20, OAS1_0379_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-18, F, R, 26, OAS1_0395_MR1
OASIS-TRT-20-19, M, R, 29, OAS1_0101_MR2
OASIS-TRT-20-20, M, R, 22, OAS1_0353_MR2
HLN-12-1, M, R, 29, plos_CJ_700_3_1
HLN-12-4, F, R, 25, plos_Ding_1035_3_1
HLN-12-5, M, R, 29, plos_Ding_1042_3_1
HLN-12-6, F, R, 26, plos_Ding_1050_3_1
HLN-12-7, F, R, 29, plos_Ding_1052_3_1
HLN-12-8, M, R, 23, plos_Language_587_3_1
HLN-12-9, M, R, 23, plos_Language_795_3_1
HLN-12-10, F, R, 24, plos_Language_820_3_1
HLN-12-11, F, R, 29, plos_Language_886_3_1
HLN-12-12, M, R, 34, plos_Language_888_3_1

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